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"The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned." -Maya Angelou

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Some time has passed since my last post, but we have been working on some cool stuff for this winter: an amazing documentary film collaboration between four artists. We plan to journey to Nepal in December to interview women and children affected by the commercialization of Mount Everest. Check out our new website http://voicesofkhumbu.com. The best part is we have the support of the awesome band I wrote about in my last post, Whatthe Animalssay, as well as the Indi Go Artist Co-Op. Some exciting things are happening, and there’s a long road ahead, but I hope we can pull it all off.

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Post-MBA, I’ve decided to devote my young adult life to travel, getting gigs here and there for support. Wanting to get away from the stress my classmates have - packing, moving, marrying, breaking up, having babies, entering new corporate jobs, gaining weight, anxiously pining for job interviews… That’s not for me, and it never was.

Some people say I have no professional goals, with travel and people being my passions. Quite the contrary. But being quite young, I can spend the time to figure it out. I’ll play it by ear until I’m happy. I’ll hone my skills until I can use them.

Uprooting from Champaign and landing somewhere out West to start. The dream is to complete my first major project in South and Southeast Asia.

And I stumbled across this guy. Chill music, inspired by the region as well as travel in general. Music with no constraints.

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Final exam jam.

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Old find / new obsession: Handscape cityscape rings by Zelda Beauchampet

Old find / new obsession: Handscape cityscape rings by Zelda Beauchampet

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By far the coolest Indiegogo campaign I’ve seen. This guy is Steve Zissou in real life!

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Amazing video on the future of fashion. 

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This winter I embarked on an eye-opening trip to India, both as a student researcher and as a videographer. The experience meant a lot to me as it was the last international trip I would take in a very long time, and I got to spend it with an awesome group of people.

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"Tout peut être dessiné, modelé et fabriqué.”

No one who can pick up a book and read can be uninspired, and everyone looking for inspiration can find it in Taschen’s Designing the 21st Century. This book explains how the seemingly impossible is possible in design, and that we live in a time where, in Ron Arad’s words, “There are virtually no limits.” It explores the breadth of perspective in modern artists as well as the ideas and technologies already out there, therefore preparing a playground for the reader to begin creating. Everytime I see haters who speak exclusively in the language of constraints, I just want to throw this book in their faces. Below are some precious lessons that are beautifully conveyed in Designing the 21st Century:

"I have a feeling many products are designed in steps by people who don’t talk to each other - specialists blinkered by their own speciality. Basic issues are rarely discussed. I am sure a new breed of thinkers will become relevant to industry. They will not be designers but people capable of connecting different disciplines to bring a new relevance to products whether ecological or social. I am looking forward to the day when my relationship with industry will be participating in such thinking."

- James Irvine

"A good designer has to be part artist, part engineer, psychologist, sociologist, planner, marketing man and communicator: part everything, and part nothing! … Think in dynamic terms, do not take the easy way out by following the rules and approved solutions, act in the perspective of continuous research, find the courage to make unexpected proposals, and, in addition to your pencil, use that quintessential quality of designers - curiosity."

- Roberto Pezzetta

"Objects designed by trial and error have more soul."

- Hella Jongerius

"Anything can be drawn, modelled, and made… There are virtually no limits. Smart materials, sharp tools, sci-fi production, it’s all here. Now. The present is too fascinating to stop and worry too much about the future. If you look at the present deeply enough, the future will become discernible."

- Ron Arad

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Circa 2012…kapotasana…. by paulinamberger via Instagram http://ift.tt/1gfBuDo

Today, aspire to be something greater than yourself.


Circa 2012…kapotasana….
by paulinamberger via Instagram http://ift.tt/1gfBuDo

Today, aspire to be something greater than yourself.

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"Unless you build it, it doesn’t matter." - Design Like You Give a Damn

Everyone’s gotta start somewhere, and my quest to understand design begins with my final semester of the MBA. I’m taking a set modeling course in the theatre school as a way to learn about designing at a very tangible level. That means literally starting from scratch. Luckily, I’ve transformed my apartment into a very cozy late-night studio.

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Flashback Friday: Market Square, Cambridge, England, 26 May 2013

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